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Park hotel is an ideal base to stay and enjoy the numerous activities and events and places to go in and visit in the local area.  These include:-

Paignton zoo, as seen on television, where you can go and see animals kept in one of our best wildlife parks in Great Britain.  

Living coasts, near Torquay Harbour, which is another part of Paignton zoo.  Here you can see sea creatures and birds.  

Dartmouth steam Railway Station in Paignton, and Kingswear, catch a steam train and enjoy the beautiful panoramic coastal views as you travel to Kingswear. Once in Kingswear you can catch a short ferry ride to Dartmouth.  

Dartmouth is a beautiful town on the River Dart.  Here you can enjoy anything from a simple ice cream to Michelin star restaurants and wonderful quality shops.  You can even hire boats to travel along the River Dart.  One of the highlights in Dartmouth's calendar is the Regatta week, especially the day when the red arrows come.  It is truly breathtaking to watch the Red Arrows fly so low up and down the River Dart, doing their almost impossible aerobatic display, the day the Red Arrows come to Dartmouth.  The town is heaving with thousands of people, all which have come to experience what has to be one of the best sites in the world to see the Red Arrows with the backdrop of Dartmouth.  Dartmouth steam Railway also offer an excursion they call the  'round robin' which includes a bus ride to Totnes, where you catch a riverboat, which takes you to Dartmouth and Kings Wear, and then you catch a train back to Paignton, this is a great day out.  

Agatha Christie's house, crime writer extraordinaire, lived in Greenway house, near Paignton.  Greenway house is owned by the National trust, and if you get a chance to visit and see where the lady behind all those wonderful crime stories used to live, and her beautiful gardens it is not to be missed.  Paignton is right in the middle of Torbay, with Brixham on one side and Torquay on another.  

Brixham is a quaint fishing port.  It has a beautiful harbour and a thriving fishing industry, which has one of the biggest catches in Great Britain.  You can have fish and chips on the harbour or experience, some of the great restaurants surrounding the harbour.  It also has a quality marina and a long breakwater, which is ideal for those who fancy a go at fishing.  

Berry head in Brixham is a country park area, here, you can see an old fort and unrivalled panoramic views, on a clear day you can see Teignmouth. If you're also lucky enough to be around in August on a certain day you can see the spectacular Red Arrows display as they fly across Torbay.

Places to go and things to do