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A selection of post cards dating back to 1890

Welcome to our history page, we would like to invite anybody who is interested whether you are a previous guest or a local resident of Torbay to e-mail us at with any information /pictures about Park Hotel's history, or any happy memories of holidays in days gone by. If your item is suitable we will add your contribution to this page for all to enjoy and  to our Facebook page.

Park Hotel was originally 5 elegant terraced houses which were built in 1884, each house had its formal rooms with ornate plaster work, high ceilings and  large fireplaces which were typical of the Victorian era, they also had their own servants quarters around the back, these were attached to the main houses by corridors and had their own separate staircases giving out of sight independent access to the servants ground and 1st floor rooms.

During the early 1900's we believe the 5 houses were knocked through to form 1 large imposing building which became Park Hotel.

In 1944, GI's from the 460th Amphibian Truck Company of the US army were billeted at Park Hotel whilst carrying out military operations in Torbay.

 Park Hotel has been providing guest accommodation to holiday makers for over 70 years and commands arguably one of the best positions on Paignton seafront. Methodist Holiday Hotels LTD ran the hotel as a Christian establishment for many years, more recently the hotel was taken over by David and Suzanne Schofield and they continue to run it as a family hotel along the same lines. Sadly, over the years as the hotel has been 'modernised' by it's previous owners, many of the period Victorian features including fireplaces and ornate plaster work have been ripped out, David is on a mission to restore as much as possible over time. At the moment in June 2010 we have begun the mammoth task of re painting and repairing some of the crumbling masonry outside. Also gilding the pinnacle and decorative scrolls on the top of the building in 23.75 carat gold leaf, not easy as it can be windy when you are that high .

For 2013 we have redecorated the reception lounge and reinstated the fire place which includes a hand carved white marble fireplace surround. We have also installed an espresso machine and we will be offering teas and coffee, cappuccinos etc as well as milk shakes and home made cakes.





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